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The personality found in our space is a blend of the classic and the modern. We preserve traditions - but only those that will never be old-fashioned, and bring the most updated trends of the beauty market. In addition to offering high quality products and treatments to our clients, we count with qualified professionals who offer an exclusive service for each client profile. Here, we work passionately for our profession and respect for our clients.

Our team acts as a family, serving the same purpose - to perfect, individualize and personalize our services to each client profile. We work hard in order to make our public happy, leaving our place satisfied and with a feeling that many things have changed, besides the external visual, because we know how important is to feel pretty.


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All the photos you are seeing here are results of a work done by our team and help of friends. Interested to know more about our work? Follow us on instagram (@gleiton_pedro).

Gleiton Pedro

Gleiton Pedro has been a hairdresser over 20 years, comes from a Brazilian family full of hairdressers. He has started his career as ladies hairdresser only here in the Netherlands, where they started to attend home, then in salons and in 2014 he launched his first own space.
This career started with the encouragement of his mother, knowing that her son would come to Europe, gifted him with a professional hair scissors and said him "this talent is in your blood, son". Over time, he has been taking part of several courses and learning different techniques. Today, his fame is among all Brazilians residing in the Netherlands and in the borders, as well as many other nationalities and Dutch people.

Gleiton has a lot of practice and skill in this field, he’s able to develop all coloring, cutting, re-styling and styling jobs, bringing new forms to his customer faces. Always with great satisfaction, he seeks to improve himself studying in workshops of other professionals, be in Brazil or in Europe.

More than beauty, Gleiton shows a huge importance with the health of hair, before bleach services or any product application, he does a test in order to have a diagnoses of the hair scalp and the strand of hair, so that he knows if the client is able to have the treatment desired. Furthermore, from this test, he can know which products can improve the appearance and strength of the wires.




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